Director’s Vision

HeidiDivine Space was created by the diverse passages and stages of my life that inspired me to develop an unconditional love for life, people and nature. With every crisis I have found moments of beauty that have given me opportunities for creative change in my own life as well as the inspiration to reach out and touch others.

One experience that moved my inspiration into action took place in Tarapoto while I was on a medical intervention trip in many of the region’s communities.

Throughout the first night of my trip I heard the cries of a small child in terrible pain. In the morning I searched and found this child in a hut with severe acidic burns on his upper body. After retrieving our medical team and tending to him for several days, I understood what I needed to do next.

As a lifelong photographer, I have captured beauty as well as hardships faced by the poor. Through the window of my camera lens I have seen this beauty side by side with the destitute. These images are the focal point of my mission for uniting the strong and supporting the weak. I have dedicated my life organizing volunteers, fundraising, teaching, performing crisis intervention and overall working to bring the realization of self-sustained communities to the world.

“You’re a doer, because you’re prepared to make the necessary effort
to translate your dream into actions.” – Paul McCabe

These wise words which I read many years ago helped shape my philosophy and gave me the introspection to follow through with my dreams and connect with others willing to meet their full potential. The shared journey with other “doers” sustains and grows Divine Space’s potential.