Ch’allma Primary School

Ch'allma Primary SchoolDivine Space supports the bilingual, intercultural primary school in Ch’allmachimpana, a remote hamlet in the snow-capped Cordillera Vilcanota range, the highest mountain range in southeastern Peru. The village is part of the larger indigenous community of Hatun Q’eros, considered by many to be the last Incan community of Peru.

The Q’eros people of Ch’allmachimpana are subsistence llama and alpaca herders, potato farmers, and weavers. Without running water or electricity, they live a hardworking life immersed in nature.

The first primary school of Ch’allmachimpana teaches the children to read and write in their native Quechua as well as in Spanish, and prepares them to interact with the modern world while preserving their soulful and intelligent culture.

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