Eco Stoves

The Problem: Throughout Peru the majority of cooking is still prepared over unvented open wood fires. The smoke from these fires kills thousands of women and children every year in Peru, and 1.6 million people worldwide. Thousands more suffer from respiratory ailments or are maimed by accidental burns from these open fires.

Additionally, the cutting of trees for these cooking fires is a leading cause of deforestation, watershed loss, and increased carbon emissions.

The Solution: Replacing unvented open wood fires with fuel-efficient Patsari stoves, or Lorena stoves.

Divine Space volunteers train local residents to build and install high efficiency Patsari Stoves into homes and businesses in their own communities. Each stove uses 70% less firewood, reduces smoke related respiratory ailments and deaths by 40%, saves five tons of carbon per stove annually, and therefore reduces global emissions.

The Advantage
: Training local residents to build and install the fuel-efficient stoves with resources from their own country helps to develop self-sustained communities and environmentally conscientious citizens.

The Process: Volunteers who assist Divine Space’s Eco Stove building program will work hand in hand with members of each community, teaching the process of building these high efficiency stoves one home at a time. Volunteers will train community members how to create a Patsari stove in one day as well as provide guidance throughout the program.