Inka Cancha Preschool

Divine Space is currently working in the community of Inka Cancha, which is located in the province of Paucartambo and in the Cusco region.

In 2011, Divine Space completed the construction of a preschool, Wasi Mariposa (Butterfly House), with the help of the community members of Inka Cancha and a volunteer family from Argentina, Iván and Val Hoermann, and their daughters Quimi and Hane.



Divine Space will continue to support the development of the community with eco-stoves for the kitchens as well as attending to the needs of the forty-seven children who are above preschool age.

Divine space will also be constructing biodegradable bathrooms for the preschool age children, providing an environmentally sensitive solution to the fundamental need for basic sanitation.


A note from Director Heidi Kana:

Thank you Denizel Miller, Sammy Nestico and the Hoermann family for your donations of time and funds, which have made the creation of this preschool possible. From the bottom of my heart I would like to acknowledge the kindness of their spirits and their open hearts in helping others to have an improved quality of life.

Additional thanks go out to the generous donations of four windows and a door from Mario Condori Huallpa, the mayor of Paucartambo, and Laura Russell, Director of Ayllu Yupaychay ( for providing transportation to Inka Cancha.

We appreciate any donations that will allow us to continue this ongoing project, especially to support the construction of additional stoves and biodegradable bathrooms. The needs of this community are great and our work here is progressing.

Besos, Heidi Kana